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Selling Jewelry Online Successfully: 5 Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Selling Jewelry Online Successfully: 5 Mistakes You MUST Avoid

1. Not narrowing down your Niche.

2. Not Researching - Use Google Trends/ Instagram, Amazon Most Wished-For List, Etsy’s Trending Items, Facebook Groups

3. Not focusing on photos - As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When selling online, let the images speak for the products that you are selling. Create one white image background ( no rendering ! ) 2 -3 lifestyle images that can be done with an iPhone camera. A good investment in the photos is GemLightbox that will cost you $899. That should save you much time and $ if you are seriously considering selling jewelry online.

4. Not investing proper time in Product Listing - Upload More Images or a Video, Include Lifestyle Photos, Improve Product Description - Focus on benefits, not features, User words that sell: Daring, Hero, Hope, Spirit, Amazing, Bravery.

5.Cheap Packaging.

Sources: AMZgemz Data

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