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Top 5 Solutions To Reduce Return Rate for ONLINE JEWELRY:

Around 30 % of jewelry purchased online are return hear some of the reason :

Top reasons for returns

Size too small: 30%

Size too large: 22%

Changed my mind: 12%

Style: 8%

Not as described: 5%

Defective: 5%

Other or not specified: 18%

1. Include lifestyle images and lifestyle videos of the product. We live in the Instagram era where customers want to see how they look on a real person.

2. Try to avoid misleading titles and bullet points if the center stone is 0.5. The carat and side stone 1.5 carat total do not advertise in the title 2-carat ring without mention of total carat weight h. Many sellers use this tactic to lure the customer to their listing and end up with a return rate higher than 30 %.

3. If you sell bridal, try to have an excellent presentation of the product, including investing in a nice jewelry box. Include a lifetime warranty card.

4. For items over $1000 include a certificate of authenticity from either GIA, IGI, AGS, or GCALGem Certification and Assurance Lab.

5. Offer an extended return period than your competitor.

Source , AMZgemz Data

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