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Top 5 tips on how to grow on and beyond Amazon

Top 5 tips on how to grow on and beyond Amazon

1. Multichannel. Start exploring marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google Shopping, Overstock. A faster way to do it is with multichannel platforms like Valigara, Ecomdash.

2. Not 100 % FBA. Start using SFP ( Seller Fulfilled Prime ), FBM ( Fulfilled By Merchant), and start using secondary Fullfilmte company at least for your best seller jewelry. I don't want to share what happened in the past months when all incoming FBA shipments stopped.

3. Branding. Start focusing more on your brand, like including in outgoing FBM orders a jewelry cleaning cloth, lifetime warranty card, handwritten thank you note. You will be surprised at the ROI of it.

4. Check your numbers. As you know, Amazon has one of the highest referral fees for jewelry from any online marketplaces at 20 %. Take that into consideration plus FBA fee, packaging, return losses, removal orders. Most of the sellers that I talk to do not consider them at all!

5. Start using Amazon Ads as a strategy to put your ASINs in a better position to rank higher organically.

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