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Buy Box Amazon is calculated by an automated system that takes several factors into consideration which includes seller performance, pricing, feedback, sales ranking, order volume, customer reviews.

Even if there is only one offer for a product, Buy Box eligibility is still evaluated and items must be priced competitively in order to be eligible to win the Buy Box. Also, buy box winner is evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. ODR (Order Defect Rate)--ODR is based on customer feedback, A-to-z claims, and chargebacks

2. Seller performance metrics

3. ASINs performance - Number of orders received for the order.

4. Customer shopping experience offered on an item, such as speed of delivery, shipping options, price, and 24x7 customer service (including through the seller's participation in Fulfillment by Amazon)

5. Time and experience on the Amazon selling platform

6. Pricing

7. Correct Categorization

8. Several other factors which we at Amazon are unable to disclose in order to ensure fair competition

SOURCE : AMZgemz ,

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