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Top 10 TIPS for JEWELRY STORES/COMPANIES how to stay OPEN during COVID19.

Jewelry stores/companies that do not have any other revenue than store foot traffic is defiantly feeling the negative impact of the Covid 19. Some steps that can help businesses present and in the future with similar unforeseen events are :

  1. Opening a Shopify store ($29.99 per month ) and add all the store inventory to it. Allow Drop-Shipping sellers via Shopify apps to sell your products via platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

  2. Opening an Amazon, Walmart store and list 20 -50 unique products and test the market; you will be surprised by its result. I do not recommend to start selling simple items like stud earrings or solitaire rings.

  3. Contact current store customers via email ( assuming that you keep some existing customers database) and notify them that they can buy now from the Shopify store and offer them overnight or same-day delivery and free pick up returns.

  4. Offer an exclusive big discount for the first sale in Shopify, which also will be their intro to your online channel.

  5. Offer match price with Amazon or your type of your local competitor if it is possible.

  6. Every store and online order packages to include a personal handwritten thank-you note ( best ROI based on our client's data and the cost is next to zero )

  7. Offer Lifetime Warranty Card with every offline or online order. Some of the future can include FREE Ring Sizing, FREE Jewelry Cleaning, FREE Inspections, Free Birthday Jewelry.

  8. Offer Virtual Bridal Consolation via Zoom or Whatsapp with the intended to send them to buy in Shopify.

  9. Offer personalized jewelry services that big online marketplaces cant offer.

  10. Offer live 24/7 chat support that can be installed on your phone.

If you implement at least five from the list, you will be better off when events like Covid happen again. That will bring at the beginning of small revenue, but all big things start small.

Stay Safe.

Source: AMZgemz Data,

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